Which Ethical Standards for Human Services connect to your top 5 values?

Please respond to the Professor to the questions he asked in your own words. I provided the website and my response.

Go to: https://www.valuescentre.com/tools-assessments/pva/ . Follow the website instructions. Discuss your findings and how congruent your actions are to what your stated values. Based on these findings, create a personal values statement. Which Ethical Standards for Human Services connect to your top 5 values? Discuss how these connections will inform your practice as a human service practitioner.

This is what I wrote:

The results from the assessment of the personal value indicate that I am able to live a life that is balanced and fulfilled. The results further indicate that I am able to take ownership of my deeds and I use my moral standards to guide my decisions. They also state that I am protective and considerate of others and that I have high aspirations.

Certainly, my actions are congruent with the values stated in the results. For instance, while at work and I am encountered with an ethical dilemma, I often make a decision to the dilemma based on my moral standards. Also, as a leader, when making decisions, I am often considerate of how it will affect other people.
My top five values include ethics, humility, personal fulfillment, integrity, and commitment.

I exhibit integrity while managing resources of various human services causes. Also, as a leader, I am humble and abide by ethical principles.
The results from the assessment will inform my practice, as I will focus on tasks that require the values I score highly in to maximize output. In addition, it will use the results to build upon the areas I scored poorly on so that I can excel in all areas.
PVA (2021). Personal Values Assessment. Retrieved 10 March 2021 from https://www.valuescentre.com/tools-assessments/pva/

Respond to:
Angela, are you able to share with us either a current or made up example(s) to illustrate how you would implement your five top values? Further, could you do the same for how you would go about building up your values that you scored poorly on and why?


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