unintentionally strikes Miller in the head

Question 32 Smith and Jones are opponents in an unscheduled, unsupervised and non-refereed game of basketball at Reed Gym. Both are feeling the pressures of finals week, and their play is more aggressive than usual. As the game progresses, Smith’s teammate Miller warns Smith that Jones is getting really wild, and to watch out for elbows while rebounding. A short time later, there is a struggle for a loose ball. In the struggle Jones unintentionally strikes Miller in the head, and Miller’s face is scratched. Miller composes himself and returns to the game. A few minutes later Jones elbows Smith. Smith shouts, “I’ve seen enough,” and he hits Jones twice in the face. Jones falls to the floor, his nose broken. The police arrive and take statements. Jones is cited for battery against Miller, and Smith is arrested for aggravated battery against Jones. What is likely to become of Smith and Jones? Will they be convicted? Why or why not?