Turn and Face the Change

In chapter 11 and 12, we cover Organizationa Control and Change. Basically, Organizations must change their behaviors as situational and market charateristics change.

And we are living in an era, where “change” is the new norm. And no one knows that better than Radio Shack.

The rise of the digital age and e-commerce played into RadioShack’s demise. On Dec. 12, 2013, Warren Shoulberg of The Robin Report stated that “[RadioShack is] a store that has been passed by, with a format, merchandise mix, and physical presence that no longer registers with the American consuming public.”

Shoulberg said RadioShack’s biggest issues were its outdated stores, old-fashioned merchandise, clueless employees, and lack of general focus.

Unfortunately, a few retailers haven’t gotten the “adapt or die” message. Here’s a list of companies predicted to disappear in 2019.

1. Abercrombie & Fitch

2. Sears

3. GNC

4. Nine West

5. Remington

Do you agree? Why or why not? What changes have occurred to cause these once profitable companies to become obsolete? Is there anything the leaders of these companies could do to stay competitive? What other companies would you add to this list, Why?

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I agree that the world of business is adapt or die. Sears is a good example of this, and something I’ve paid attention to because we have/had one around here (I forget if it’s closed yet). Their main issue seemed to be overdiversification. They tried to spread their male-focused demographic to women and children by selling clothes and school supplies, but it seems they stretched themselves too thin. Another issue is that the company was bought by Kmart and didn’t have much money invested in the stores themselves. Finally, Sears didn’t jump into the online shopping trend that has taken retail shopping by storm.

With these factors combined along with fierce competitors such as Amazon and Walmart, Sears is dying a slow death as locations close one by one. Sears probably could have saved itself if it had focused its plans as well as get in on the online shopping business.

I think Blockbuster is a really good example for this. Blockbuster decided to stay as a physical store while streaming services overtook the movie renting market and Blockbuster inevitably faded into obscurity and went bankrupt.



no less than 80 words

2.Looking over the list of companies in the discussion topic, I agree that some of these companies will become obsolete or disappear in the coming years. The company that I will focus on is GNC. The reason I do not think GNC will be able to last in the nutrition industry is do to the competition.

There are currently so many health and fitness experts on social media, TV infomercials and internet stores that are specializing in specific health initiatives. GNC has many different types of supplements, vitamins and nutritional herbs but does not specialize in anything in particular. With all of the specialized health trends from bone broth to supplements that focus on gut health and balancing hormones levels it has made it hard for stores like GNC to compete.

In my opinion, the leaders of GNC could partner with one of the experts in the health and wellness industry that is experiencing success. This would make GNC more competitive in the industry. Another thing that GNC could do is put together a focus group of customers to represent what the consumers want and need in a health and wellness store.

Another company I would add to this list is Game Stop. I think the online competition in this industry is becoming the platform of choice for the specific followers of this industry.


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