Transforming organization to better equip leaders to manage complex organizational change

The focus of the course is to better equip leaders to manage complex organizational change. Organizational Development is a planned change discipline which helps OD practitioners and change masters to manage and cope with the consequences of large scale change. Our operating model for the case analysis will be from the perspective of the SVP of Change Delivery in partnership with other senior management leaders. The problem will be based on the course’s text reading, case studies and online in‐class learning.

The assignment is to write a business memo that provides a solution for implementation. The memo is to be directed to the CEO from you as his/her SVP of Change Delivery whom has to solve the problem.The memo will be no longer than 3 pages, and is to include three integrated components

#1 Introduction and Problem Definition,

#2 Body which includes Key Facts and Need for Change,

#3 Your Solution Recommendations, Desired Outcome and Conclusions.

To succeed the student must:

a. Clearly define the problem and the relevant issues;

b. Evaluate the issues, presenting key facts and the significant need for change;

c. Propose a recommended solution, clearly defining the desired outcomes.


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