The Mind of Aaron Hernandez


Please write approximately 250 words about Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez   (Links to an external site.) ( Connect your analysis to a DIRECT QUOTE from both: 1) the documentary itself 2) Some outside text related to the documentary by topic/theme that you find for yourself via research.   The objective is to synthesize your own thoughts with a direct quote from the documentary and a related third source of your choosing. The impetus is to ensure that each of you has something thoughtful to contribute to the classroom discussion, i.e. a good, FOCUSED talking point.

Talking Point Tips: Identify some feature of the text, some passage, some instance that  piques your interest and write about it in relation to masculinity YOU MUST USE DIRECT QUOTES FROM THE SOURCE TEXT, formatted according to MLA   (Links to an external site.) Approximately 250 words (Think: a meaty paragraph or two) Perhaps begin writing a series of precisely targeted questions about the implications, stakes, blindspots, and complications you identify as operative in the text! NO RHETORICAL QUESTIONS! Invite inquiry; don’t strike poses, nor pat your own back for thinking aloud.

MORE ON TALKING POINTS!  What do you find most interesting about the text

What parts of the text triggered trains of thought? What do you notice about design & movement?



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