The careers of musical artists over multiple decades

We have discussed many different musical artists this quarter, many of which experience mainstream and/or commercial success within a specific time frame, such as rock and roll’s first wave in the late 1950s or the Psychedelic rock of the late 1960s.

These artists offer us a window into the changes occurring from one decade to the next – in that the differences between an artist’s output in the 1970s and 1980s often reflects broader transitions between the two decades. For this prompt, select 2 artists covered in the Covach text that enjoyed success in multiple time periods and examine their musical careers. For each artist, select an album and/or single from each representative period and examine both; then, compare and contrast the songs/albums and use them to tie together a bigger picture of how the artist developed as a musician over time.

There are NUMEROUS artists who meet this criterion, feel free to email me if you are unsure whether your chosen artists work for this prompt. As a starting point, please find several examples of musicians with decade-spanning careers listed below; do not feel like you must choose an artist below – these are simply examples.

Bob Dylan
The Rolling Stones
Michael Jackson
Emerson, Lake & Palmer

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