Terrain the physical properties of a region of the earth.

one reading response for class 6, one reading response for class 10, both need 960 words, just equal plz.

The responses should not be descriptive summaries of the readings but rather show a
critical and thoughtful approach to the readings with particular emphasis placed on how
the readings connect to each other, the theme(s) of that week, and research in the field.
Make sure that you substantially address each reading. Responses should illustrate a
synthesis of the arguments rather than a laundry list of issues highlighted in the articles.
Reading Responses should not summarize the articles. Assume your audience has
read the readings, so spend your time engaging in your own analysis of the readings.
Reading responses should be formatted as short essays with a short introductory
paragraph to highlight the themes/issues you will address (1-3 sentences), subsequent
paragraphs should analyze and address each theme/issue you are engaging with (this
is the majority of the reading responses), and a short conclusion (1-2 sentences).



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