cell counting using hemocytometer

4. Following cell isolation and cell counting using hemocytometer, you obtained 6X10 6 /ml ( 6 million

cells per milliliter). Total volume you have is 1 ml.

You are asked to set up cell cultures as follows: 1) control cells without any stimulant, 2) cells with

stimulant A, 3) cells with stimulant B, 4) cells with both stimulant A and B. Total four conditions.

You are asked to use 1.5X10 6 /ml per condition to set up the experiment.

Therefore, you have to dilute the cells you obtained after counting (6X10 6 /ml).

To prepare 1.5X10 6 /ml per condition, how much medium do you have to add to your 6X10

6 /ml.


Defend your viewpoint.

5. In 100 to 200 words: In your opinion, is it appropriate for the government to disallow the growth and development at the base of volcanoes that may erupt? Defend your viewpoint. If you think it is appropriate, how might the government proceed? If you think it is not appropriate, what could the government to in effort to prevent the loss of life/property in the case of an eruption?

the grocery store

119) It’s time to buy pet food again and Lisa heads to the grocery store with $40 in her purse, leaving her seven hungry cats and four hungry dogs at home. Dog food costs $1 per can and cat food costs $0.50 per can. Dogs eat two full cans of food each day but cats eat only one can. Lisa would like to buy enough food to last through her three-day weekend. What is one appropriate constraint for this scenario?

A) 7C + 4D ≥ 3

B) 1C + 2D ≤ 40

C) .5C + 1D ≤ 40

D) 7C + 4D ≥ 1.5

organic flour from a local farmer

115) A baker uses organic flour from a local farmer in all of his baked goods.  For each batch of bread (x1), he uses 4 pounds of flour.  For a batch of cookies (x2), he uses 3 pounds, and for a batch of muffins (x3) he uses 2 pounds.  The local farmer can supply him with no more than 24 pounds per week.  The constraint that represents this condition is:

A) x1 ≤ 8, x2 ≤ 8, x3 ≤ 8

B) x1 + x2 + x3 ≥ 24

C) x1 + x2 + x3 ≤ 24

D) 4x1 + 3x2 + 2x3 ≤ 24