someone who lacks a particular virtue

3. Do you have to be a virtuous person to perform a virtuous action? If you do, does this present a problem for Aristotle’s account of how virtue is acquired? If you do not, explain how it is possible for someone who lacks a particular virtue—courage, for example—to do something courageous.

Articles of Confederation

The Articles of Confederation – The first Constitution of the United States failed because it created a national government that was too weak. Briefly explain (a) why the Founding Fathers opted for a confederacy rather than a unitary or federal form of government, and (b) two of the weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation

existence of God

Big Question: Select a challenge from the list below. Do research on it. You’ll probably find that it’s
far too large a project for a 6 page essay. However, every complex problem breaks down into smaller
subproblems, and trying to figure out some of these subproblems might be appropriate for a 6 page
essay. By doing extensive, independent research with credible sources, you should discover a smaller
subproblem, and solve that. For instance, if you want to write on the existence of God, you may do
some research and find that some particular argument is especially persuasive or unpersuasive. You
can write an essay rehearsing and defending or attacking it. Here’s a table of complex problems for
you to look into and break down:

Technical Writing

WRTG 393 Advanced Technical Writing A comprehensive, project-based study of applied technical writing. The aim is to design and develop appropriate and effective technical documents using strategies and technologies for a variety of audiences. Students may receive credit for only one of the following courses: COMM 393/393X, ENGL 393/393X, or WRTG 393/393X.