prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells

Pre-Lab Questions

1. Identify three major similarities and differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

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2. Where is the DNA housed in a prokaryotic cell? Where is it housed in a eukaryotic cell?



3. Identify three structures which provide support and protection in a eukaryotic cell.

aspects of diversity

. Explain how generations are defined in the American society and describe the criteria or principles used to define generations.
2. Why do some social scientists view the elderly in the contemporary American society as a social problem that needs to be investigated and understood?
3. Explain how Covid-19 is considered a disease that divides the American society.
4. How do aspects of diversity such as age, gender, ethnicity, race, class, etc. affect our health condition and the way we use/access medical care?
5. Compare and/or contrast the challenges faced by and hence the struggles of people with disabilities and other marginalized groups in the US?
6. Explain how or why distribution of health and illness mirror that of wealth and power.
7. Based on the data analyzed by Paul Hsu and David E. Hayes‑Bautista (posted in Canvas), describe the COVID – 19 rate patterns in California’s diverse populations and explain why this is the case.
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Was this a legal arrest?

Video Link: Part #1: Answer the following questions in a Word Document. Each response should be at least 1 paragraph in length and include at least 1 in-text citation to support each response. Be sure to include a reference page. 1. Was this a legal arrest? Why or why not? Yes, this was a legal arrest because she resisted and evaded arrest. 2. Was the suspect really in the wrong or was she a victim? Give a detailed explanation. The suspect was wrong, she was not the victim because all she had to do was sign the citation. Instead, she made things worse for herself by not signing it and driving off. 3. Was the officer’s use of force necessary based on the circumstances? Why or why not? The suspect was wrong, she was not the victim because all she had to do was sign the citation. Instead, she made things worse for herself by not signing it and driving off. 4. List the possible charges the suspect could be faced with and explain why these charges are applicable. Class A misdemeanor or Felony for resisting arrest. Felony evading arrest because she drove off and misdemeanor assault charge for kicking an officer. Part #2 Create a Legal Memorandum in a Word Document separate from Part 1 of the assignment. A reference page is not needed for a legal memorandum. 1. You now have to choose whether you wish to be the prosecuting attorney (representing the officer) or defending attorney (representing the suspect) in this case. 2. After you’ve chosen a side, create the arguments that you will present in court in support of your client’s actions. You will need to research court cases that will support your argument to win justice for your client. ***This is a critical component in this assignment*** Under the Week 7 Assignments tab, there is a link with the correct format of which your memorandum should follow. The questions and answers in part 1 should be taken into consideration for your argument. Your memorandum heading should be as follows: To: Chief of Felony Prosecutions From: Prosecutor (if you are the prosecutor) or From Defendant (if you are the defendant) Re: Oklahoma Case – Motor Vehicle Stop Date: March 6, 2022