civil wars

Why are some countries able to develop economically while others have not been able to? What are the domestic and international factors that influence development?
3. How can debates over human rights become a clash of cultural values? Be sure to provide examples.

4. What are some common strategies employed by terrorists and the goals of each?
5. Why do civil wars occur? How can civil wars influence world politic

Philosophies of Education

ED102 Unit 1 Assessment: Recognizing and Speaking to Different Philosophies of Education. (40 points)
What/Why: In this assessment, you will identify and distinguish between schools of philosophy of education based on their key features, attributes, and roots in general philosophical orientations.

This assessment is related to the following course goals and objectives:
Students will
Ø Make sense of classroom situations and the social, political, economic, and philosophical forces that influence them.
Ø Written and Oral Communication