Theory of the Emergence of Paranormal Phenomena.

The Theory of the Emergence of Paranormal Phenomena suggests that experiences commonly labeled “paranormal” are actually manifestations of the changing diversity and innovation of field patterning. They are pandimensional forms of awareness, examples of pandimensional reality that manifest visionary, beyond waking potentials. How would you define pandimensional?

Meditation, for example, transcends traditionally perceived limitations of time and space, opening the door to new and creative potentials. Are you open to this theory’s assumptions? Can you relate? Have you experienced any of these phenomenon in practice?

Therapeutic touch provides another example of such pandimensional awareness.

1. List and discuss examples of healing practices that fall within this perspective;

2. Suggest applications of paranormal phenomena as it applies to nursing practice; and

3. Identify how you might evaluate the effectiveness of this category of healing practice.


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