incubate with MTT and culture

6 Show the correct order for MTT assay to assess cell proliferation

a) Prepare cells, incubate with MTT and culture for 3 days and read at 550-600

b) Prepare cells, incubate with detergent, culture, add MTT, read at 550-600

c) Culture cells for 72 hours, add MTT, add detergent, read at 550-600

d) Culture with MTT and detergent for 72 hours, read at 550-600

ket buys salmon (

117) Larry’s Fish Market buys salmon (S) for $5 per pound and a local whitefish (W) for $3.50 per pound. Larry wants to minimize his cost, but he cannot spend more than $160. The objective function that minimizes these costs for Larry is:

A) 5S + 3.5W ≤ 160

B) Min 5S + 3.5 W

C) Max 5S + 3.5 W

D) Min 5S + 3.5W ≥ 160