patient confidentiality

Describe ways to protect patient confidentiality that relate to the use of fax, copiers, e-mail, and computers.

· Discuss the time periods for retaining adults’ and minors’ medical records, fetal heart monitor records, and records of birth, death, and surgical procedures.

·  Explain 13 guidelines to follow when a subpoena duces tecum is in effect.

·  Describe confidentiality obligations using electronic medical record keeping.

answers to philosophical questions

Assessment: Each sub-paper is graded on four criteria: Development, Exposition, Argumentation
(Argumentation and Defense together), and Mechanics. Each criterion is explained in more detail
in a rubric available on blackboard. I will also go over each of these criteria at length in class.
Success with respect to each criterion is measured on a scale of 25 points. The coherence and
readability of the final term paper formed from these parts can raise or lower the total score. Your
total score for the writing project is thus _/100.
Essay Content The main idea is that the essay should be a presentation of your reasoning as you work
out some answers to philosophical questions. They should reflect careful thought, not superficial hot
Background You must briefly tell me about the background of the case or problem.
Argument You must develop a well thought out argument that includes responses to anticipated or
discovered objections.
NO (MERE) REPORTS You must report information that others have acquired, but you
CANNOT succeed on this essay without constructing an actual argument for an actual,
controversial thesis. No “some people say X, others say Y” nonsense, no mere reporting of
things you’ve researched. You must put all research to work in building an argument for your
Clarification You must provide definitions of key terms, explications of major concepts, and examples
or whatever other techniques help to make your ideas clearer.