Stephen Glass

Write in 3rd person

Watch Stephen Glass Movie and 60 min interview

How do the two differ in their characterization of the people affected by Glass’ deceptions? To what extent does each reveal the “truth” about Glass and why he betrayed the principles of good journalism? Do people change? Has Stephen Glass?
Address the prompt in 3 paragraphs

Par. 1 – about how the two portray the people affected by Glass differently (like their reactions to the situation and feelings toward him at the time and now)-think about the other staff members and readers of the publication

Par. 2 – compare what “truth” both (the movie and the interview) reveal about Glass’s betrayal of ethics-what do we learn? What did he do? How did he do it? How did he get caught? How did he violate the code of ethics? (Cite ethical codes)

Par. 3 – Do people change? Has Stephen Glass? Explain WHY and give SPECIFIC evidence from interview. Don’t say “I think he has/hasn’t…” Just state as fact, “He has/hasn’t….”

You MUST have evidence to support your thinking in EVERY paragraph. Also, reread your work, checking for capitalization, spelling, and punctuation.


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