Should students have social media

Give reasons on why we shouldn’t have social media.States a clear, supportable claim; States an alternate or opposing claim. States reasons that support and enhance the claim; Refers to and supports all reasons throughout the argument.
Includes convincing, relevant, and specific facts and details from the text that support the claim and reasons stated; Reader understands how the evidence supports the reason and claim; Citation of evidence and/or use of in text citations is accurate and appropriate.
Provides explanations into how the evidence supports the claim and reason; Shows a clear understanding of the topic.

Introduces the topic or text clearly; Groups related ideas supporting the writer’s argument; Provides a conclusion that supports the claim; Includes transitions to clarify relationships between ideas.
The style of the writing is appropriate to task, purpose, and audience with minor inconsistencies.Expands, combines, and reduces sentences; Uses grade-appropriate general academic and domain-specific vocabulary with minor or no inaccuracies
Demonstrates command of the conventions of standard English grammar, usage, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling; Few or no errors in conventions


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