Research Methords & SPSS

1. What is level of measurement and explain the types shortly, after that discuss the importance of level of measurement concept for Operationalization and the Data Analysis. (2 or 3 pages)

2. Observe the SPSS file named Survey. After that make the analysis of each the question in SPSS and generate the required descriptive tables and graphics according to the methods you learned in the class. Then report each question in a Word file one by one and explain the results shortly.

As you see in the SPSS file there are 7 questions in the questionnaire. These are;
1. Sex Question (Nominal)
2. Age Question (Scale)
3. Martial Status Question (Nominal)
4. “Do you have Child” Question (Nominal)
5. Highest Education Completed Question (Ordinal)
6. Source of Stress Question (Nominal)
7. Electronic Ownership Question (Multiple Response Question) (Nominal). In this question there are 5 options and respondent can give more than one answer.
Clues for Data Analysis
Question 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 Percentage table, bar or pie chart graphics
Question 2: Recoding of the variable to ordinal level of measurement, after that give percentage table, bar or pie chart graphics
Question 7: Use multiple response menu for creating percentage table of this question. Do not forget respondents can give more than one answer for this question


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