Reflection Paper on Adolescence

Write a reflection paper about adolescence.
No reference needed
Please use: “I believe ” and make the wording as simple as you can
A little bit about me:
Please include some of this in the reflection paper:

I am a female, from collectivist culture and a devout catholic had strict parent growing up. I had pretty ok self-esteem so I was ok in terms of socialization but still struggle at times because I had some insecurities like being petite and short for my age. Growing up, I also struggled with lots of expectations from parents, community, school, and as an elder sibling, etc.

I had a younger sibling so the rules were a bit better than when I was an only child, but parents tend to expect me to watch my siblings and do more responsibilities because I was the eldest sibling.. During that time I was also just trying to figure out myself.

I also thought that I was matured enough so I thought working part-time was important than school. I quit school, run-away from home at age 18, and found a relationship that I thought love but in fact just puppy love.  But I would not change anything as my experiences have served as life lessons.

Also, Topics to consider: If you are having trouble thinking of topics, here are some ideas to get you started. During adolescence: Erickson’s Identity versus Role confusion, self-esteem- self-concept and Marcia’s Identity Status: How does changes in physical, cognitive, and socioemotional impact you as an adolescent

. Point out some rules you had to follow. What was the biggest conflict you had growing up in your home? What issues that we’ve discussed over the past few weeks can you relate to or have experienced? If you have siblings were the rules different? Did you see problems that they had that you didn’t or vice versa? Can you pinpoint any specific changes you felt? What about stereotypes you felt as a teenager that were directed at you growing up?



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