Quality and Safety in Nursing Education (QSEN) Newsletter Assignment

Quality and Safety in Nursing Education (QSEN) Newsletter Assignment

This assignment provides RN-BS students the opportunity to develop their professional voice through writing a scholarly newsletter article targeting School of Nursing students (undergraduates, accelerated, RN-BS, masters) on topics relevant to quality and safety in nursing education. This assignment addresses most of the student learning outcomes (SLOs) for the course, especially SLO #1 Integrate the QSEN competencies into professional practice for the delivery of safe, evidence based and quality clinical care.

Go to the QSEN web site (Links to an external site.). Review QSEN competencies and Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes associated with each competency.
Identify a clinical topic that relates to one of the QSEN Here is a list of possible topics:
· Hand washing

· Preventing errors

· SBAR communication

· Advocating for patients

· Alarm fatigue

· Pain management

· Veterans’ issues

· What is a near miss?

· Creating joy in work

· Common errors for new nurses

· Opioid crisis

· What are Always Events?

· How can young professionals get involved with QI?

· Medication reconciliation

· Palliative care and safety

· Respecting end of life issues

· Future of Nursing campaign

· Mobility in seniors

· Nurse fatigue and patient safety

· Why is evidence-based practice important?

· Leading QI initiatives from IHI article

· Antibiotic stewardship

· What is Plan, Do Study, Act (PDSA)?

· What is a near miss event?

· IHI.org: What is it all about?

If you have an idea for a topic that is not on this list, please check with your professor.

Write 3-5 paragraphs on your topic, citing your references using APA 7th edition format.
1-Begin to organize your thoughts by developing an outline.
2-The first paragraph should identify which QSEN competency you will address. Write in a style that addresses fellow nursing students and supports why our profession, and patients we serve, need nurses to lead quality/safety initiatives within health care systems within which they work.
3-Use 1-3 references for your article. Each reference listed should have a corresponding in text citation. References should be from primary sources. Do not use secondary sources.
4-Add a title to your article.
5-Find a non-copyrighted image to include with this assignment. This web site provides ideas on where to locate non-copyrighted images. https://researchguides.ben.edu/c.php?g=586972&p=4054835 (Links to an external site.)
6-Provide one or more resources to the readers related to your topic (CDC, WHO etc). Provide these at the end of the article but before the references.


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