Price of Fame

For this writing assignment, you need to write a traditional paper (at least two complete pages; in addition, you will need to create a Works Cited page) that clearly represents your argument on “The Price of Fame.”
Most of us are convinced that fame can bring optimal happiness. Fame, it seems, is among the things many people dream about. Some believe that to be famous, it is important to prove to oneself and confirm that one matters in the world, and that having fame can satisfy these notions.

And yet there are those who are already famous who often complain of the horrific burdens of fame. Write an argumentative essay about fame. Think about: Can fame bring happiness and fulfillment? Is being famous worth it? Create an argumentative essay in which you develop your point of view on these issues. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, and research. Include in your paper (in your own words) a famous person and how fame has affected this person.

You need to include quotes in your paper, so try to find research that depicts actual words from the famous person or words from others who have an opinion on fame to support your argument. As a concluding paragraph, write about your interpretation of what it means to be famous and how “The Price of Fame” can affect someone’s life.
Writing Assignment Grading: Your writing assignment will be graded on:
1. Proper MLA header, heading and centered title.
2. At least two complete pages of information written in your own words (do not simply copy from the internet).
3. Proper grammar and mechanics.

4. The information submitted needs to be detailed and present a clear picture of your argument. Your paper must have a personal interpretation about “The Price of Fame” and how it can affect someone’s life and also include 2 correctly formatted quotes (use credible websites, journals, books, media…see media section below for added information)
5. Use of higher level transition words.
6. Correctly formatted Works Cited page.


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