Political analysis politics and advocacy

Description: There are many political factors that may prevent evidence-based or promising public health policy from becoming law. As a lobbyist hired by the coalition working to advance the bill you are tracking this semester, analyze the political context surrounding your bill using the prompts (questions) below. Conclude your analysis by making a well-informed prediction as to whether or not the bill will pass this session. Please organize your paper into the 6 sections outlined below.

Sections & Prompts:

Overview: What would this bill do and how will it positively impact public health?
Historical Context: What is the historical context of this policy proposal? Has it been debated by the Massachusetts legislature before? Have similar or related policy proposals passed at the local level, in other states, or in other countries?
Stakeholders: Who are the key special interest groups and other stakeholders supporting and opposing this policy proposal? What are their interests and values?

Presentation of the Issue: Is the issue being presented in a nonpartisan way, free from adherence to any particular political ideology? Are the impacts and benefits of this policy proposal being presented in a clear and tangible way? Are moral, performance, economic, and/or national security arguments being made to elevate or undermine this policy proposal?  What are the general public and the media saying about this issue?
Political Determinants of Health: How might voting and government impact this policy proposal?


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