Performance Management


When an organization is in the design stage of a performance management system, it is essential for organizational leaders, including those in HR, to have a clear understanding of the outcomes the organization wishes to achieve. In addition, organizational leaders consider the alignment of the performance management system with the organization’s strategic plan, including its mission and vision, to maintain a consistent and congruent message, and a clear sense of direction to employees.

Look at the attached resources and reflect on your own experiences with organizational performance management.  Write a cohesive and scholarly response, based on the attached sources and your own research. Reflect on your previous work experience in which you have observed and/or taken part in a performance management system, i.e., an integrated system of events with the overarching goal of improving the performance of the whole organization, and address the following: Explain why it is critical for the performance management  system to be congruent with the organization’s mission, vision,  culture, and strategies.

Examine if there were any gaps in the system alignment to the  overall performance of your organization, and explain your  conclusions. Outline how any gaps you identify could have been closed  and/or improvements that will help the performance  management system’s alignment to the organization. Analyze how you, as the HR Director, might improve  the effectiveness of the organization’s performance  management system.


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