Meeting the Demand for Resources and Supplies


Question #1: Discuss how human capital development methods have an impact on the financial stability of the organization.  Question #2: Discuss why most healthcare organizations provide personal services to their employees through their Human Resources (HR) department on the theory that such services improve loyalty and morale and, therefore, efficiency and quality.

Simply stock piling to prepare for the next epidemic is not the answer, as certain PPE (e.g., masks and gloves) deteriorate over time.

Write a 250- to 300-word response to the following: • What changes are needed in resource and supply planning for a health care system to be prepared for a surge in demand during the next epidemic? Share innovative strategies and ideas that you have learned about in your work and in this week’s learning activities. • Include your own experience, as well as 2 citations that align with or contradict your comments as sourced from peer- you, explain why you agree or disagree with the research. reviewed academic journals, industry publications, books, and/or other sources. Cite your sources using APA formatting. If you found contradicting information to what your experience tells


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