Literature Review for Physician Assisted Suicide

LS504-3: Compose a literature review that applies scholarly, peer-reviewed, research based on issues established from a problem statement.

The readings focus on the various aspects of researching and writing a Literature Review:

Recommended readings are:

Research Methodology: A Project Guide for University Students
In the text, “Background and Literature Review,” p. 336
Denney, A. S. (2013). How to write a literature review. Journal of Criminal Justice Education, 24(2), 218–234.
Van Wee, B., & Banister, D. (2016). How to write a literature review paper? Transport Reviews, 36(2), 278–288.
Research Methodology: A Project Guide for University Students, Chapter 6, β€œThe Role of Theories in Your Project,”

An introduction inclusive of the problem statement
Sources organized around major points and subtopics that are relevant to those points and subtopics.
Explanations or descriptions of each source’s relevance to the points being discussed individually and in relation to the other sources.
A conclusion that:
Refers back to the problem statement
Discusses major trends in the literature
Addresses any areas of controversy or challenges to the problem
Points out additional questions that may go unanswered.
Notes regarding format:

Include a properly formatted title page
Apply proper formatting for direct quotes, indented quotations, and paraphrasing.
There is a minimum of ten scholarly sources as follows: (1) academic, peer-reviewed sources gathering from the Purdue Global Library, and (2) a minimum of 2 legal sources acquired from Westlaw comprising case law, law review articles, or legislative policy.
A minimum of 10–15 pages, not including the title page and References and Appendices pages.


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