Is a calorie restricted diet more effective and healthier than intermittent fasting?

I need to compare two diets: intermittent fasting and a calorie restricted diet. The intermittent fasting diet is called 16/8 and has no limit with calories. I have conducted an experiment where the results are shown in the images that I have attached.

The aim of this experiment is to examine which type of diet proves to be more effective. The factors which will be considered are: cost, total weight lost, any side effects or benefits of the diet.

I need to gather information about the diets and write a discussion about the results. And i need to come up with a conclusion.

This is what i wrote so far

The results presented above shows an average total weight loss of 3,02 kg, following the meal replacement diet, and a 2,86 kg average total weight loss, following the intermittent fasting. According to these results the meal replacement diet has proven to be more effective for losing weight. Following a calorie restricted diet has proven to benefit people by gaining a greater energy efficiency. This is mainly due to the positive effect it has on mitochondrial activity. The calorie restricted group reported an increase in physical activity, also a higher activity rate than the fasting group.


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