Identifying variables

Unit #1 AS: Identifying variables
In this assignment you will demonstrate your ability to identify types of variables and define how you would measure hypotheses. 

In Part 1 you will be presented several dependent variables. For each variable you will need to indicate (1) whether the variable is nominal, ordinal, interval or ratio; and (2) whether it is classified as discrete or continuous.

In Part 2 you will identify (1) the Independent variable, (2) the dependent variables, and (3) any confounding variables.

In Part 3 you will provide a operational definitions for the presented hypotheses. These answers will be filled out on the provided word document and submitted via blackboard.

Part 1

For each of the following dependent variables indicate:
whether the measurement scale is discrete or continuous (1 pt each)
whether it is nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio. (2 pts each)

The different heights of children in a fourth grade classroom
The divisions of the American League (East, West, and Central) in Major League Baseball.
The number of pennies sitting in a jar
The time taken to deliver newspapers on a delivery route


Part 2

Professor Smith is investigating whether individuals are more likely to buy food items if they are told those items are on sale. The researcher works with two grocery stores and makes sure all items are the same price in both stores. In one store the items are listed as on sale and in the other store they are listed as the actual price.

The independent variable is (4 pts) ________________________________.

The dependent variable is (4 pts) __________________________________.

Name one variable that Professor Smith failed to control but, in your opinion, should have (2 pts) ________________________________________________.


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