how did the pandemic affect your life?

Read the essay by Kevin Kelton. He’s a comedy writer and a television writer who has written for Saturday Night Live, Boy Meets World, and Night Court. He’s taught screen writing in the University of California system, and he’s currently the producer of the More Perfect Union podcast and blog, where I published three articles of my own in 2017.
Can you relate to what he’s trying to say? Write about your own observations of how the pandemic has affected your life. Kevin Kelton wrote a series of anecdotes and observations pointing out the ironic in the changes to everyday life in Los Angeles, California. Does his life 3000 miles away seem very different from yours right now? How about back in April and May this year?

Think about your own neighborhood. Talk about what you’ve observed. Talk about what concerns you. Talk about how you’ll handle it if this goes on for months and months. Think about what you’ve done to cope and how your own life has changed.

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