How Can We Be Brave

Task: Considering several of the pieces we have read this year, as well as your own independent research, write an essay that answers the question “How can we be Brave?” Support your thesis with direct quotations from multiple texts (a minimum of two sources from class, plus two additional sources from independent research), properly formatted in MLA style.

Typed. Double Spaced. Twelve point. No blank lines between paragraphs, except to indicate a major shift in tone or setting. Include the appropriate header on every page. Four – seven pages. Don’t forget a title.

Include three different rhetorical devices, underlined and labeled.
A minimum of two synthesis paragraphs
A minimum of two additional sources from independent research
Properly formatted Works Cited Page

Suggested: End with a plan of action for the future. Employ anaphora in your conclusion.

Audience: 1) The editor of a nationally published magazine. 2) The well-educated readers of that magazine. 3) Yourself.

Purpose: 1) To broadly explore effective and ineffective ways of grappling with fear; 2) To inspire readers to be courageous.


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