How appearance affects is self-motivational for a romantic relationship.

How appearance affects is self-motivational and affects the opportunity for a romantic relationship.

I am looking for help creating website content based on my ideas. I am not sure, but I don’t think I’m looking for a “Paper”. This is my first go at WorldofWriting. I chose high school level because I want the content to be easy to read and use vocabulary that is easy understand.


I am creating a website……which promotes taking action to improve the self in order to attract a relationship rather than waiting to be accepted as is.

HappyHusband suggests that three things must be attended to in the beginning:

Appearance, Fitness, Interest (ie, becoming more interesting)

I have included the About US page to give more context to the HappyHusband website.

Below is my attempt at describing the importance of appearance in dress, mannerisms, social participation:

Appearance involves looking better and acting in a manner consistent with the goal of becoming the Best Self and the following the YEP philosophy. This includes style of dress, mannerisms, and the activities in which you participate.

HappyHusband recommends a neutral stance that will allow for growth into the future as the Best Self evolves. A talent for style is great, but not necessary. Maintain good grooming and dress professional casual unless other attire is required by an activity.


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