grant writing

Please write the Program Evaluation using all the material provided. Everything listed below must be addressed.

Program Evaluation – Develop a clear evaluation plan that clearly connects to the program goal and objectives. This section also includes a plan for reporting results.

Clear & realistic evaluation plan that includes all of the following:
includes all of the following:
1. Evaluation process
2. Clearly aligns with the 3 program objectives and describes how each objective will be measured
3. Describes data collection methods, including instruments
4. Clearly describes how data analysis will occur
5. Outlines plans for reporting the results (including whom will receive the evaluation report

State each objective (process, impact, and outcome) and follow with a description of how you will evaluate that objective. Your evaluation does not need to be complicated to be effective, so keep this section simple and straightforward. In addition, be sure that the evaluation is actually evaluating what you intend. For example, if the impact objective involves behavior change, assessing (evaluating) knowledge is a mismatch.


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