Given what you know about consumer tribes, how can this be used in the Christian Church?


1. Given what you know about consumer tribes, how can this be used in the Christian Church? Should it? Provide 2 ways that tribal marketing could benefit churches. Also provide at least 1 way that tribal marketing could be detrimental to the church. Defend your views with reputable sources and define and explain any terms or theories that you use. (1-2 double-spaced pages)

2. Janet Domingue wants to open a sporting goods store in Pensacola, with hopes of expanding throughout the coastal area from Biloxi to Destin. To be successful she knows that she will need a strong brand presence; so, she hires you as a consultant to help her brand her store. Use BrandSimple to as your guide and primary reference. Discuss briefly the importance of branding. Then, provide detailed advice for planning, executing, and managing the brand image. Be sure to fully define any terms/concepts you use, and provide examples as needed. (5-10 double-spaced pages)

3. Over the past several years, dramatic shifts in demographics have caused traditional views of the church to be much less popular. To put this into perspective, view the religiosity trends by demographics located at the Pew Research website ( to an external site.). With these changing demographics, many young Americans now consider themselves “spiritual, but not religious”; non-denominational “mega-churches” have seen considerable growth; and a large number of Americans have replaced traditional mainline and evangelical denominations with “prosperity gospel” ministries accessed through mass media (Joel Osteen, etc.) To counteract this, many Christian denominations have changed bylaws and statutes to become more amenable to a broader segment (Methodists incorporated the “Open-Hearts, Open-Doors, Open-Minds tagline; Episcopal Churches allowed openly gay ministers; the past two Popes have made seemingly radical statements in an attempt to make the Catholic Church look more attractive for different global worldviews; many others). This has also been the source of much disagreement within many denominations.

Do you think that churches and denominations should brand themselves to be more liberal in hopes of spreading the Good News to more people? Or do you view this as ultimately harmful to Christianity as a whole? In which ways should we be more inclusive, and which lines should not be crossed? There is no right or wrong answer here, but you should fully support your opinion with scripture. Use the Great Commission as an ultimate mission and chapters 2-3 of Revelation as performance metrics and behavioral guidelines to establish and present your opinion. Use any other scripture to support your details.

This is 3 different questions that need separate references alloted below the question


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