Food Rules Assignment

Food Rules Assignment: worth 24 points

Please make sure to read the sample (also here under Assignments) so you know what an example of an “A” paper looks like

Length: 1000-2000 words.

Overview: A two part assignment based on the book Food Rules and an article in The Atlantic.

Part One: Worth 14 points. Read the book Food Rules, it is a very small book and should only take you a few hours to read thoroughly and carefully. After you read the book make a plan to incorporate as many of the rules in the book as you can for a period of one week.

Write in detail about 10 rules that you followed. One exception to the Food Rules assignment is that you don’t need to focus on whether your food is organic or not. If you have access to organic that is great, but if it is too expensive or difficult to find then do not worry, it is not the most important part of the assignment.

Address the following points:

How does each rule relate to the science of nutrition, how specifically did it impact your health (via a change in nutrients or non-nutrients you are intaking)? Reference specific pages in your textbook at least 4 times to explain your argument.
What are some drawbacks to following Food Rules? Can you follow the rules and still make unhealthy choices? Explain specifically how one might do this.
Part two: Worth 10 points

For a different perspective than Pollan I have selected this brilliantly written article. Please follow this link:

If you can’t follow the link search for an article in The Atlantic Magazine by David Freedman with the title “How Junk Food Can End Obesity”

Write up a one page summary of the article, briefly mention all the main points in the first half of the article, comment on what struck you as surprising or interesting. In the second half give me your reaction and how it relates to the way you view diet and purchase food. What points do you agree with and what points do you disagree with? For full credit you must cite at least one quote (with page number) from our text that relates to the article


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