find a different house.

59. Mold is a concern because it can affect indoor air quality and irritate skin, nose, eyes, and lungs. Exposure to mold has been linked to respiratory issues like asthma or allergic complaints, and prolonged exposure can destroy furniture and wood products. Kelly is a real estate agent who is walking through a home with buyers, and they see a substance that looks like mold in the corner of the bathroom. Kelly suggests…?

A. That the only way to correct a mold problem is very expensive and requires a team of experts.

B. That mold is not a problem, and wipes the mold off the floor with a tissue.

C. That because bathrooms are often damp and mold needs water or moisture to grow, the problem might be easily solved, but an inspection could determine the extent of the mold.

D. That they stop considering this house and find a different house.