Explain the purpose of psychological research.

3 sentences responding to each of my classmates discussion posts: (6 sentences all together)

topic: Part of your work in the field of psychology includes looking for research and/or even conducting research.

To perform these functions, you must find previously conducted research.

Explain the purpose of psychological research.
Compare and contrast scholarly reviewed literature/research with other types of articles.
Provide a review of the logic model behind the Boolean search method.
Reply to two of your classmates providing a critique of their comparison and contrast, as well as their review of the Boolean logic model.

1. Research is conducted for the purpose of gathering information. Like other areas of science, and among other things, the purpose of psychological research is to describe and/or ascertain plausible causes of certain occurrences. Of particular interest in psychology are the behavior and mental processes of human beings. At times, scientists also look to animals to explain these feats. Good research asks a testable question and provides a falsifiable hypothesis. The process of conducting “good research” often starts with a look into the research that has already been published.

The Boolean search method is backed by “a subset of Boolean algebra” called binary algebra (Acmeschool, 2010). This logic model does not allow for gray area, using systems of true and false, 1 and 0, “and” and “or”, in its operations (Acmeschool, 2010). George Boole’s explication of these processes is the basis by which the modern computer was formed and our digital world was founded (Acmeschool, 2010). Though “functional similarity” (D’Onofrio & An, 2010, p. 1) between computer hard drives and human DNA and information processing systems has been argued, I think people’s beliefs, opinions, personalities, and circumstances all intermix to create a world full of unique, curious, and mentally flexible individuals. The rigidity of computers and Boolean logic, when applied to human thought, doesn’t seem fully encompassing. However, applied as a search method, I find it extremely useful.

With the Boolean search method, one can execute a research plan that effectively tailors search results to include relevant papers and resources on any given subject. Our school has the “AND” and “OR” functions built into its “Advanced search” system. A similarity between the information found on .com websites and articles found within credible journals is the hunt for information and causation (Dorsten & Hotchkiss, 2019). However, academic research proves much more valid, comprehensive, quantified, and formal (Dorsten & Hotchkiss, 2019). Within this setting, academic sources are, generally, most appropriate.


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2. The purpose of Psychological Research

Dorsten and Hotchkiss explain the importance of research in science stating that science is involved in everyday learning. The discipline of Psychological research is similar to any other science’s purpose which is “producing reliable and valid measurements” that can be reproduced in an efficient and ethical way. Efforts to do so include fair representation in efforts to avoid overgeneralization, attempt to identify and understand cause and effect relationships in data, and any conclusions found on the behalf of psychological research be under subjection of peer review to ensure validity and accuracy (Dorsten & Hotchkiss, 2019). The science of Psychology and its research explores the complex relationship between the mind and behavior which guarantees limitless opportunities for improvement in virtually every place and in everyone.

The distinctions of Scholarly Reviewed Literature

Scholarly reviewed literature and research undergo strict standards of review and analysis to ensure the data, conclusions, and ideas are maintaining scientific methods and research protocols.

The Boolean Search Method

The Boolean search method is mathematical language devised by George Boone to deal with matters of logic. This form of algebra utilizes the variables TRUE or FALSE as logical value as well as Boolean Operators AND/BOTH, OR/EITHER, and NOT/AND NOT (The Master’s University, 2020). This method is the heartbeat of online search engines, modern technology, and everything in between.