Elements of culture

The subculture assigned to you is “Gamers” What makes this group different from others? List three elements of culture that set the group apart from mainstream culture. Elements of culture are discussed in chapter 3 and in the Culture Lecture slides.


For full credit, your answer should be at least one page long or 250 words or more, double spaced, with your name and date on the top.

Good essays in this class will balance personal opinion with facts. If you state something as a fact, please use a credible source for the information. Common sense is not the same as fact. Please look at the example below to see how to go about these types of statements.

Stated as Fact: “Children with divorced parents are more likely to suffer from anxiety” (Sociology Today: 2020).

Stated as Opinion: “From what I have seen, children with divorced parents are more likely to suffer from anxiety.


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