Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog essay

TASK: Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog explores how society constructs heroes and villains. What is this film saying about that? What does it mean to be “good” here?  Who is the “good” guy? Who is the “bad” guy? What does this film say about how society views villains or how society views heroes? Using shots, scenes, and film techniques, explain how Joss Whedon uses the mechanism of film to make a statement either about how society views evil (villains) or about how society views heroes or both.

In your answer, you must identify at least 10 specific shots/techniques from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. (Go back to week 2 to remind yourself of many of the possible film techniques). Note which film technique Whedon uses, underline or bold the specific technique or term you identify AND define that technique/term [NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT UNDERLINE AND DEFINE, THE TECHNIQUE/TERM WILL NOT COUNT. DO NOT use the word in the definition]. Then discuss why Whedon would use that particular technique in that particular way in that particular instance to explore the nature of evil or the notion of heroes. Hint: It is often the case with film that the explicit meaning of the film says one thing; the implicit meaning says something else entirely. Just food for thought…..

PURPOSE: To demonstrate knowledge of film technique and to apply that knowledge to understand narrative.


Identified at least 10 different film techniques/shots.
Defined the shot/technique identified
Explains why each technique is used in that particular instance
Makes some claim about what the film says about good/evil, heroes/villains, societal perception/reality or the like
Supports that claim using specifics from the film
Another note: Please make sure you explore 10 different techniques.