Does Electronic Devices are harmful for our body


This assignment requires you to select on one aspect of entertainment culture and research to write information on the topic to create an essay. There are many possibilities, but some examples include: video gaming, sports participation, arts and crafts, film, and so on. You will first generate research questions to help you explore the topic. Remember that you will need to generate enough questions to write a complete and substantive essay. The essay must include a thesis that uses the surprising-reversal strategy. Research: You must include at least two sources. Use at least one article obtained from EBSCO or JSTOR. Audience: Your audience may have some familiarity with the topic. For this assignment, you will be using elements of academic writing and active voice. As you write the informative components of your paper, be sure to elevate your language and eliminate slang from your writing. Requirements: The paper must include the following elements: a clear, concise, and defined thesis statement that uses the surprising-reversal strategy and appears in the first paragraph of the essay an introduction, body, and conclusion with multiple paragraphs clear and logical transitions between the introduction, body, and conclusion body paragraphs that include evidential support at least two sources (no more than three) 750 words minimum Works Cited page parenthetical documentation MLA format


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