Determine culture volume at t = 10 h

(3) Penicillin is produced by P. chrysogenum in fed-batch culture with the intermittent addition of glucose solution to the culture medium.

The initial culture volume at quasi-steady state is Vo = 500L, and glucose- containing nutrient solution is added with a flow rate of F= 50L/h. Glucose concentration in the feed solution and initial cell concentration are So = 300 g/L and Xo = 20 g/L, respectively. The kinetic and yield coefficients of the organism are ┬Ámax = 0.2 h-1, Ks = 0.5 g/Land Yx/s = 0.3 g dw/g glucose.

(a) Determine culture volume at t = 10 h

(b) Determine concentration of glucose at t = 10 h

(c) Determine the concentration and total amount of cells at t = 10 h

(d) If qP = 0.05 g product.g cells h and P0 = 0.1 g/L, determine the product concentration at t = 10 h