The Topic is about the Ghawar oil field in Saudi Arabia: This is a geology class so I need you to write it in a geological perspective. Please be sure to talk about the History, production, geological structure, and more from your research of the oil field.    Research Paper and Presentation Research paper and presentation composite grade is 15% of final course grade. Research papers must be between 3500 and 5000 words (about 7-10 pages of text based on 11-pt or 12-pt font; word count per MSWord’s word count tool) and be no longer than 20 total pages including illustrations and title page.

Figures and/or tables (with captions) may be included within text or at end of the paper (proper credit must be given for figures, maps, pictures that you include in your report). Format for the report is MS Word or pdf file. The digital copy to be submitted per the course schedule/syllabus. Your paper must be organized as follows: 1. Title and author name on front page. Nothing else on the front-page, please!

2. Abstract – 250 word limit summarizing your paper including a sentence on why you chose the particular topic 3. Introduction – Opening paragraphs of your paper that describe the topic in general, its importance or application to you and the community, and why you choose the particular topic 4. Main Body – Discussion of what your research revealed to you and what you want to share with the reader 5. Conclusion(s) – the key message or “take-away” points that you expect the reader to remember 6. References – list of references you used to research and write your paper; minimum number of primary peer-reviewed (journal) references is five. Failure to follow the organizational and heading structure given above is an automatic 20% grade deduction!

Failure to properly cite your sources in the paper or presentation may result in a 10% grade reduction – please make sure that for any map, picture, graph or other illustration that you included in your paper has the source/reference in the caption. Presentations will be completed using PowerPoint. In addition to the “normal” PowerPoint file a narrated PowerPoint file must also be submitted as there will may be no opportunity to have in-person presentations. Papers and presentations are due as per the syllabus schedule.

See the Late Submission Penalties section for information on late submittals. Research papers and presentations submitted more than one week late may be given a grade of zero. Note: No work may be submitted after 4/24/2021. All Research Papers must be submitted in Microsoft Word or PDF format. Presentations to be submitted in MS PowerPoint Format (normal, and narrated). Presentations must follow any posted format “guidelines” in D2L (course information folder). You will have 20 minutes for your Presentation which may be given as voice-over PowerPoint or a “live” via Zoom meeting.


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