describe the three key pillars of your leadership approach

Assignment: For this paper you will describe the three key pillars of your leadership approach. If you search or you Google for “leadership books” you will find hundreds of examples of personal leadership philosophies – works such as Lincoln On Leadership. Think of this paper as a condensed version of your book: Smith on Leadership or Doe’s 3 Habits of a Great Leader. The paper should serve both as a testament to others of your personal leadership philosophy and as a future reference for you.
You must draw from the relevant course materials to paint a vivid portrait of why each pillar is important to your vision of your effective approach to leadership. Do not write a paper that could be written by someone who has not taken this course.
Specifications: This is an individual assignment. You should not consult with other students or any other person on the completion of this assignment in any way. No additional research, other than course materials, is permitted or required as part of this assignment. You are encouraged to clarify any questions with Professor Lovelace.
Your paper must include a brief introduction (about 1⁄2 page) that captures the reader’s interest and provides a thesis that identifies the clear purpose of the paper.
Organize the main portion of your paper (about 6 pages) around three key principles or tenets (approximately 2 pages per principle/tenet). Your discussion of each of these principles must:
1. Clearly identify what you believe a key principle of your leadership style to be. This should not just be restating a a concept from the course; such as, “my principle is to be ‘emotionally intelligent’”. Instead, give the principle a title that makes sense to you (e.g., Putting Others First or Consider Other People) and explain it in your own words.
2. Explain why you believe your principle / tenet is essential to leading others. Said another way, why does this principle matter? You must use personal stories, examples, or experiences to support this discussion. The can be examples when you were the follower, and a leader had an important impact on your. Alternatively, it may be an example when you lead others and did something well (or not) that help you see the importance of this principle.
3. Explain how a part of a theory or a concept that we covered in this course supports the effectiveness of your principle in the context of leading others. This is where you use course concepts to help support the importance of your principle. DO NOT use the same theory or course concept for more than one principle.

o Example, if you use any part of transformational leadership for principle 1, do not use any part of transformational leadership for principle 2 or 3. You should use one or two concepts (or sub-components of a theory or concept) to support each tenet depending on the depth of your explanation.
• In summary, each leadership principle should answer these questions: o What do you believe?
o Why do you believe it is important? (supported with stories, examples, experiences, etc.)
▪ How will what you believe help you lead yourself, others, teams, and organizations?
o How does the course material support the importance of the tenet?
Finally, provide a brief conclusion of what was discussed in the paper (about 1⁄2 page). Clearly identify why your philosophy is so important to your future approach to leadership. This is your opportunity to briefly reiterate the “so what” of your key leadership principles.
Format & Due Date: Complete your paper over a maximum of 6-7 double-spaced, typed pages. Use 12-point type and 1-inch margins, Times New Roman font. Either 8.5” x 11” paper or A4 format is fine, as the assignment will be graded electronically. Any exhibits (tables, figures, appendices etc.) you choose to include in your appendix do not count towards the page limit (these are not expected nor required as part of the assignment). You do not need to cite course materials or lectures for this assignment, but should clearly identify (using accurate terminology) and briefly explain any course concepts leveraged in your paper.

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