China’s Population Aging from the Perspective of Public Policy

Literature Review (25%)
Identification of at least 20 items of major contemporary and previous works or studies of varied sources,Use data (including books, policy research reports, journal articles and internet materials) relevant to your selected topic
Critical assessment of their policy options
Indication of gaps in the literature
Proposed framework for developing policy position and options

Problem Statement (25%)
Description of problem: background, significant and extent
Critical analysis of problem: causes and plausible explanations
Statement of policy goal and objectives
Policy vision: what is the likely outcome of the policy advocated?

Final Report 50% (at least 5,000 words inclusive of literature review, problem statement and policy position)

Knowledge of the selected policy issue (15%)
Should demonstrate close cognizance of the background literature in the selected field(s): i.e., what has been done and what are the general findings in the field; what are the critical and ethical issues;
Should provide a critical description of the gaps in the field (i.e., what has not been done and what are the limitations of current research findings);
Should offer good rationale of the present research
Should describe clearly the aims, objectives, research questions and outcome
Critical thinking, argumentation and evidence (20%)
Should present clearly, succinctly and coherently the arguments of the study;
Should provide adequate and varied sources of evidence in substantiating the proposed policy position
Should demonstrate how theoretical concepts and information are used systematically and appropriately for analysing or interpreting data and substantiate proposed policy options;
Should demonstrate convincingly how conclusions are drawn
Effective communication (5%)
Should communicate logically, effectively and clearly the main ideas and policy options proposed – coherence
Should provide a clearly drawn set of feasible and pragmatic policy options from the data gathered – feasibility
Quality of Writing (10%)
Indication of intellectual rigor and persuasiveness

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