Chicano Studies

HUMA 1305
Introduction to Chicanx Studies
Midterm Exam: Essay

In a well thought essay, describe using as many relevant details on how you would describe the course/Field of Study for Chicanx Studies. Mention political and historical events, persons of significance, identity formation, etc. For example: Imagine explaining to someone unfamiliar with our field how this course fits into all majors, not just the humanities: What do we study? Why do we study it? Where are we studying from? How does this course inform all peoples wanting a successful career-life in this country (USA)?

NOTE: the correct name for this discipline/department is Chicanx Studies. We are an inclusive program that acknowledges non-binary identity(ies) in the discussion of intersectionality within the diaspora of our communities.

Your goal is to demonstrate how well you have integrated the details of this course into your ability to discuss, in narrative form, the concept of this field.

 Essay should be approximately 4-5 pages in length (not including the “Works Cited” page), though length is not an automatic indicator of quality.
 Include references—FIVE (5) or more—from your assigned readings and/or any other outside readings. Use current MLA method of documentation.
 Include a “Works Cited” list of all references formatted according to current MLA format.



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