single fathers than single mothers

49. In “Single Fathers Rearing Children,” Geoffrey Greif points out that “more fathers are rearing children alone following separation and divorce than ever before.” However, what important disclaimer do you think Greif made?
a. Single fathers are still only about 15 percent of all single parents.
b. Many states have laws against giving sole custody to fathers following a divorce.
c. Most of these fathers move back in with their parents so that their children live with
d. Soon there will be more single fathers than single mothers.
e. Single fathers have been shown to be much worse parents than single mothers.

residential desegregation

42. According to one analysis of white supremacist chat rooms on the Internet, what did the research subjects (those engaging in online chats) find most threatening?
a. interracial marriage
b. residential desegregation
c. competition for jobs from racial and ethnic minorities
d. gang violence
e. African American and Hispanic politicians