the microbiology class

Once logged in to my canvas profile you will click on the microbiology class. After that click on assignments, there are 18 assignments that need to be completed , some of the assignments are easy lab tutorials the other assignments are chapter assignments and it’s 34 questions that need to be completed. You have to have time and patience completing these assignments. There are are discussions questions that need to be completed . Week 7 – week 12 each week have 2 discussions to complete. Please only accept assignment if you are sure that the work can be completed in that time frame .


Do all arguments about abortion come down to the question of what is the moral status of the fetus? Explain.

The Childhood Obesity

The Childhood Obesity

Policy Analysis Paper
Please complete a 11 to 12-page (excluding cover page and references) Policy Analysis Paper for the. The paper will cover the assigned sections of the PowerPoint presentation in greater depth. I will be attaching the finished powerpoint with all the information and references for the paper. Essentially, the paper is a more detailed extensive version of the powerpoint presentation.

I have already completed the powerpoint presentation on Childhood obesity, please use the references I have used and add anymore that you may find. The policy I am implementing in this project is Smart Snacks.

These should be explained and described in the paper:

Description of policy
Analysis techniques Defined and detailed the problem based on the policy analysis techniques
Plan for improvement, feasibility, and quality


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