a title page along with a blank grading page.

Your term project is to write a paper explaining (1) your worldview and (2) why you hold that worldview. While you are free to structure this paper as you choose, I suggest you begin with your presuppositions, explaining why you assume these and not others. Having laid this foundation, answer the eight questions James Sire asks in his books. If you choose a different arrangement, be sure to include the answers to these questions somewhere in your paper. Remember, this paper is about your current worldview, not what you think you should have, or not what you think I want you to have. You are not graded on whether I agree with your view but only on how well you express it and support that view. The length of the paper should be between three and five pages, 1- inch margins, double spaced, using 12-point font. You may use Arial, Times New Roman, or Calibri. References should be in line with an attached bibliography of sources used or quoted. Include a title page along with a blank grading page. The order is: 1. Title page 2. Blank page 3. Content of paper (3 to 5 pages) 4. Bibliography The title page, blank grading page and bibliography are not counted in the length requirements. Please follow the MLA format in this paper. 1. Please check your written paper for spelling and grammar. These will be considered in assigning a grade, although I am more interested in your content than your form. 2. No more than five typed pages! I quit reading after this point due to my time limitations in having materials graded. 3. Please do not wait until the last moment to start this. This paper requires you to think carefully about what you believe and why you believe it. This takes time. 4. The paper is due on Tuesday, May, 3, by 2:15 pm. Late papers are penalized one letter grade per day late. Remember, it weighs in at 20% of your final grade.