research-based decision-making can directly affect organizational practices.


Instructions Create a PowerPoint presentation for the Sun Coast Remediation research project to communicate the findings and suggest recommendations. Please use the following format: Slide 1: Include a title slide. Slide 2: Organize the agenda. Slide 3: Introduce the project. Statement of the Problems Research Objectives Slide 4: Describe information gathered from the literature review. Slide 5: Include research methodology, design, and methods. Research Methodology Research Design Research Methods Data collection Slide 6: Include research questions and hypotheses Slides 7 and 8: Explain your data analysis. Slides 9 and 10: Explain your findings. Slide 11: Explain recommendations including an explanation of how research-based decision-making can directly affect organizational practices. Slide 12 and 13: Reflect on your experience throughout the course. Provide some of the things you learned and some of the course’s takeaways that you can apply to your current or future job. Slide 14: Include references for your sources. Your PowerPoint must be a minimum of fourteen slides in length (including the title slide and a reference slide). You are required to narrate your presentation. Utilize the note section to write out your transcript per slide. Ensure the presentation you create is your own authentic work. Ensure that you follow APA guidelines and cite any resources you use. For assistance with adding narration to your presentation, please utilize the Adding Audio to a PowerPoint instructional document.

specific aspects of city government

There are two parts to this essay. Your response should be at least three pages in length and address the prompts below. Part I What factors distinguish the labor relations system in the public sector from that in the private sector? Propose a public-sector labor relations system for the employees of the city government. What would it borrow from the private sector? What would it not be able to borrow? Why? How would you modify your system to account for specific aspects of city government? Why? Part II Discuss what the European Union’s (EU) Social Charter is. Explain why it is important for U.S. firms dealing with the EU to be aware of this. Explain what techniques U.S. firms must make in dealing with unions in the United States to be successful with EU countries. You are required to use one outside resource beyond your textbook (blogs are not acceptable). Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed.

Make sure and give the heading

Discuss one of the following health issues that is (or will be) a problem for health in the United States. State your opinion regarding one of the National Health Issues Listed below. For supporting documentation, include • background information • risk factors • budget impact • compliance • economic and • community impact. Make sure and give the heading for each of the above listed requirements. Summary of the supporting documentation and your initial opinion. Choices include: • Plan B birth control being over the counter • COVID-19 requirements (PIP, mandatory vaccinations) • Narcan, • mandatory immunizations for school age children, • mandatory HPV vaccinations for high school students, • legalization of marijuana, • making smoking illegal nationally, • raising the drinking or driving age to 21, health insurance • consequences of being overweight, smoking, or noncompliance with prescription drugs. • Rationing of health benefits (no organ transplant, hip replacement, chemotherapy, screening) • Mandatory drug testing for anyone receiving government assistance you will Need to expand on your post – give backup from references on why you answered the way you did. Even if the questions seem to require a yes or no answer, make sure and expand and explain why you have that answer. In text citations from APA format and references Response to at least one classmate with and expanded response Site your sources in APA format. *PLEASE READ THE INSTUCTIONS CAREFULLY YOU CAN CHOOSE ANY ONE OF THE CHOICES ABOVE STATING YOUR OPINION REGARDING ONE THE NATIONAL HEALTH ISSUES. MAKE SURE YOU GIVE THE HEADING FOR EACH ABOVE REQUIREMENT OF THE FOLLOWING: background information, risk factors, budget impact, compliance, economic, and community impact. WILL NEED TO GIVE A SUMMARY OF SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION ALONG WITH YOUR INTIAL OPINION ON THE CHOICE YOU CHOSE.

Quality of understanding

Each answer should be 1½ -3 double-spaced pages with an absolute maximum of 4 pages. Use only occasional in-text parenthetical references unless you cite readings from outside the course textbooks. Grading will be based on: a. Quality of understanding, analysis, and application of course materials, including supportive case examples. b. Creativity & originality— no “repeat-after-me” answers. c. Quality of writing, including organization, writing, spelling, etc. 1. What kind of strategy might you employ if you were charged with building a team as part of your job (either current job or hypothetical future job)? Be sure to address at least these issues: a. What steps might you take to try to build the most effective team? b. To what extent and how would your strategy draw from each of the four Bolman and Deal frames we have discussed? c. What specific skills would be useful to you in building the team? How might you employ those skills? 2. Previous students have sometimes questioned the value of the symbolic frame for leaders and leadership. With the semester now over, what’s your assessment? In particular: a. What insights, if any, do you gain from the symbolic frame for use in leading or understanding organizations? b. How might you apply insights from the symbolic frame as a manager or leader? c. What limitations or risks do you see in using symbolic frame strategies? To the extent possible, provide examples to support your points. 3. Assess an organization you know relative to the four frames. You need not name the organization, but provide a brief description—e.g., small nonprofit, large government agency—before addressing these questions: a. Which elements of each frame does the organization embody and how? b. How do you believe those elements contribute to or detract from the organization’s effectiveness? c. What elements of specific frames do you think the organization lacks that it might usefully add? How and why? 4. Discuss how you see a leader we have heard from (Bill Bolling, Andrea Arnold, or Dr. Rodney Lyn) or otherwise read about or discussed (Charles Rossotti, for example) using the different frames. That is: a. How do you see this leader’s managerial approach employing or not employing each of the four frames? b. How successful do you think this individual has been in each of these uses, and to what do you attribute that success or lack of success? 5. Discuss the special challenges that women and/or people of color may face in seeking and serving in leadership roles. (You may focus on women, people of color, or both.) a. What kinds of challenges are they likely face in attempting to move into leadership positions? b. Which concepts best explain those challenges—racism, sexism, glass ceiling, labyrinth, some combination of those terms, or some other description? c. Based on our readings and discussions, what strategies would you recommend women and/or people of color—including yourself if that description fits you—use in seeking or exercising leadership positions? d. What leadership style(s) and/or skills do you believe may be most effective for women and/or people of color? Why? 6. What’s your assessment of the idea of “managing upward,” that is, of attempting to manage or lead one’s boss? Specifically: a. Do you think managing one’s boss is a good idea? Why or why not? b. If you were to attempt to manage your boss, what would be your goal(s)? c. What strategies might you use in such an effort? Why? d. Or, instead of “b” and “c,” what strategies have you already used in working with your boss? With what success? 7. Assess one of three guest speakers you heard from—Bill Bolling, Andrea Arnold, or Dr. Rodney Lyn—as a possible transformational leader. Specifically: a. Of the elements of transformational leadership you’ve read about and we’ve discussed, which do you believe this individual has? What did this individual say that suggested these elements? (I’m not looking for exact quotations.) b. Which elements of transformational leadership did you NOT perceive or were you unsure about this individual having? c. Thinking about your answers to “a” and “b,” how motivated do you think you might feel working for this individual? Why? 8. Transformational leadership theory and organizational change theory offer two approaches to changing organizations. Drawing from the readings and our discussion of both perspectives: a. What elements of each approach do you find most valuable? Why? b. What strengths and weaknesses do you see in each theory? c. In light of your answers to “a” and “b,” what approach might you favor for attempting organizational change?

Explain the metrics you used and why

Five-page (11pt, double line spacing) doc or pdf to provide consistent analysis in supporting your answers to the following three questions: Q1: Which judge was the most influential? Should the judges exert equal influence on the results? If so, how could you ensure it? Q2: Which two cheeses (in cheddar and in brie categories) won? Explain the metrics you used and why? Q3: As a group, how did the Canadian cheeses compare with the US cheeses?

find in the literature.

For this paper you will choose a population that case management is done with in the social work profession. After you select special population or psychosocial issue (e.g., homelessness, substance dependence, adolescent pregnancy, severe mental illness, etc.), provide a detailed description of the case management process and ONE related intervention with this population or issue as you find in the literature.