Influenza Infection & Vaccine


Influenza Infection & Vaccine

Write a memo to your instructor analyzing both websites and their audiences (primary & secondary) and explain the persuasive strategies each website uses to serve its primary audience’s needs.
Use these two websites:

1. What primary audiences do the two websites seem to aim for? What kind of knowledge do the audiences seem to possess about the subject matter?
2. Who are the secondary audiences of these websites? Who else might use information found on these sites?
3. What persuasive strategies do the websites employ to appeal to their primary audiences? Do they use claims? Do they make an effort to connect with the audience? (See pages 48-51 of your textbook for more on persuasion)
4. To what extent do the websites use technical language? Do you see any examples of jargon? Give examples

5. How long is the average sentence in each website? How long is the average paragraph? Does this tell you anything about the audience?
6.How formal/informal are their respective style? Why?
7. Is there advertising? If so, what do the ads tell you about the audience?
8. Do the website use tables, graphs, figures, illustrations or images? How different are they on the two websites?


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