I’m studying for my Marketing Strategies class and need an explanation.At least

I’m studying for my Marketing Strategies class and need an explanation.At least 950 words and most 1050 words. Please use at least 5 resources and one is from the course reading list. Please watch the youtube video and porter forces model because this is a requirement. 950 words do not include a summary paragraph. I have attached some documents, please read through them and use one of the resources from them. It is required! pleae use market analysis report template!Construct a proposal to JGJ Inc. of 1000 words (+/- 50 words) using at least four credible and objective sources not provided as resources in the course in your analysis, plus at least one source provided in the course reading list.
Use the titles from the Market Analysis Report Template to create four sections for this part of the consultant’s report:Porter’s five forces model (Framework for understanding: https://i2.wp.com/www.business-to-you.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Five-Forces-Model-Porter.png )
Other macroenvironmental external factors
Required Internal Resources and Competencies to Compete in the Market
Required Licenses, Patents, and Rulings or Legal Requirements to Compete in the Market
Porter’s five forces model is a standard for industry analysis, used extensively to understand the core profitability of a market. Because you have been hired to provide expert objective insight, you are expected to deliver a deep-level analysis using the Porter model. It is not the obvious factors, such as “the existing competition will fight for market share,” that creates confidence in your ability from the client. It is the identification of the core foundational elements of an industry and the complicated interaction of external and therefore non-controllable factors that determine if a product launch is likely to be successful. Identifying those factors will make you seem valuable to your client. Youtube video with helpful information on Porter’s Five Forces: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYF2_FBCvXw
It is very likely that JGJ Inc. may not have all of the required internal competencies and resources necessary to compete in the new market. Since you are not an insider, you do not know all of your client’s capabilities, capacities, and resources. You do not need to know. Your role here is to provide a thorough objective description of what is needed, not to analyze or rate your client. Therefore, you will need to provide an objective overview of these needed competencies and resources so JGJ’s management team can determine what it has and what it needs.
Cite your work per current APA standards, however, indenting of the references is not required due to the discussion board format. (See OCLS APA Writing Styles Guides)
Post your initial proposal into the discussion forum as a post, not as an attached file.
In addition, submit your initial proposal document to your instructor by the end of the workshop.
Please note the relatively low point value of the initial report is not reflective of the time required or importance of this assignment. The assignment should be viewed as the total of the initial report posted and revised final report submitted and the combined total points for both steps. Further, your goal here is to provide your peer with a complete initial proposal so that you can receive valuable feedback to improve your revised final report.
Requirements: 3