Common Hacking Techniques You Should Know About  Hacking is the process of gaini

Common Hacking Techniques You Should Know About 
Hacking is the process of gaining unauthorized access into a computer system, or group of computer systems. This is done through cracking of passwords and codes which gives access to the systems.  
Discussion/Research Questions 
What are the best ways to guard against hacking attacks? 
List one of the biggest (known) hacks of all time and provide a few details related to this incident

HI150-5: Examine future technologies important to the management of health infor

HI150-5: Examine future technologies important to the management of health information.
Discussion:  Final Discussion and Preparation for Final Quiz
In this final discussion board, share your experiences with the course and identify the activity, or activities, that you found the most beneficial in learning more about computers and health information technology.
End your discussion by indicating the areas in which you feel you need more information, or assistance in, such as additional training, exposure, or practice.
Participation Expectations: Please engage on this topic throughout the unit by posting one main response by Saturday and two reply posts by the end of the unit. Your main post to the discussion should contain about 100-150 words, with no more than 10% quoting, and all sources cited with a reference list in APA style. Each reply post should contain about 50–75 words—use of APA style as needed.
This is a graded Discussion. To review the grading rubric, go to Course Resources/Grading Rubrics.

You are almost at the end of your critical thinking journey—but only for this cl

You are almost at the end of your critical thinking journey—but only for this class! Hopefully, this begins a lifelong journey of searching for knowledge, improving yourself, and seeking the truth! We started the course reflecting on what critical thinking is and how we formulate our opinions and beliefs. We then expanded the concept of critical thinking to include consideration of how we relate to friends, family, and other personal situations. This week, we look at a broader scope of areas where critical thinking is vital.
After completing the Learning Activities for the week, please respond to all the questions below. Your response should be a minimum of 175 words total (approx. 50 words per question).
Where do you get most of your news, and how do you analyze what you hear, view, or read on media outlets?
In what ways can/do you, as a citizen, get involved in the governmental process? How do you apply critical thinking when you are involved in these activities?
Share an example of a fallacy or rhetoric you have seen used to market a product or service in commercials, advertisements, etc. How will you use information provided in Ch. 10 of THiNK: Critical Thinking and Logic Skills for Everyday Life to be a more mindful consumer?
If someone asked you what your favorite activity or concept from this class was as well as what the most challenging activity or concept was, what would you tell them and why?

Assignment Content Over the past 5 weeks, you have learned about different eleme

Assignment Content
Over the past 5 weeks, you have learned about different elements related to critical thinking. You related the concepts to your personal experiences and evaluated your critical thinking skills. You have identified fallacies, evaluated arguments, and learned the role of these concepts in your daily life. Now it’s time to apply the concepts. In this assignment, you will review a real-world scenario and apply the critical thinking skills you have developed.
Review the Real-World Critical Thinking Scenario.
Write a 350- to 700-word reflection on the scenario, using the Reflection Template. Follow the instructions within the template to complete your reflection. You will need to include an introduction paragraph to introduce your reader to the topics you will be discussing; 3 body paragraphs, each with specific questions that need to be addressed within; and a conclusion paragraph to bring your paper to a close. 
Note: The Reflection Template is already formatted appropriately, and you do not need to make any changes to the format. The questions to help you write the 3 paragraphs are contained in the template. Be sure to demonstrate your critical thinking abilities in your responses to the questions and ensure your paper flows well from topic to topic. 
Submit your assignment. 
Center for Writing Excellence
Reference and Citation Generator 
Grammar and Writing Guides

Write up your notes and thoughts in an APA formatted Word document about the sim

Write up your notes and thoughts in an APA formatted Word document about the simulations you completed by answering the questions below.
What were the top three items you learned from these labs and why each of them are important to you and your future IT career?  
For each item you identified previously, search for an associated article in an IT journal or professional publication. List the article title, author(s), and publication information along with a brief summary of the article (4-8 sentences about each article). 
You may want to search the ACM, IEEE, and other IT databases in the Library to help with this. 
Below are the topics covered in this lab. I need two 2 3 pages. 
· describe various network types and terminology;
· describe network protocols;
· discuss types of network topologies;
· discuss OSI and TCP/IP models;
· describe different numbering systems.

Keep a human–computer interface (HCI) journal with your weekly observations of H

Keep a human–computer interface (HCI) journal with your weekly observations of HCI issues that pertain to you, your work, your family, and your friends. Be sure to document your journal in chronological order.
Some examples of items you might wish to document could include any type of computer system that you directly or indirectly interact with, such as the following:
Self-serve checkouts
Automated soap dispensers
Your journal should meet the following requirements:
Title page
Four or more journal entries that include the following:
Title of entry
Description and thoughts on the interaction
A summary of 2–3 pages that discusses the following:
Your overall experiences
Items you think could be improved
Things you would like to see more automated
How the systems could be improved
At least 3 references in an APA-formatted reference page. These references should be cited in your summary, and your book may be used as one of your references.
Follow APA guidelines for the journal summary. You can format your journal entries in any format that is readable. If you are in any doubt about your chosen format, consult your instructor.
The following are two sample journal entries. Note that these two example topics (restroom automation and Web banking) may not be used in your journal.
July 15: Restrooms
This entry is specifically regarding the restrooms at the shopping mall. The mall has made some excellent strides toward accessibility in the restrooms, utilizing automatic flushing toilets, soap dispensers, and water faucets. These are easy-to-use systems. The user needs only to wave a hand in front of the sensor or move away from the toilet, and the systems will automatically perform their intended actions. One item that appears to be missing is automatic paper towel dispensers. The manual paper towel dispensers are located at what would be considered an average height, and they use a handle that must be pushed down multiple times to dispense paper towels. In an automated restroom, an automatic paper towel dispenser would provide a better experience and cause less confusion when a user has received automatic service for all of his or her other needs.
July 18: Online Savings Bank Account Setup
I have an online bank that I use for savings, and the bank just recently made changes to its Web site. When I went to the main bank Web site, I was first asked to enter my user ID. Because this was my first time using the new Web site, I had to do some authentication using an access code that was e-mailed to me. As soon as I provided my user ID, the Web site informed me that, because this was my first time accessing the user-friendly Web site, I would need to follow three easy steps as part of the setup. The Web site also provides a toll–free number for customer service, seven days per week, from 8:00am–11:30pm. I pressed Continue to start the three steps. The first step was to authenticate my identity, so I provided my access code, Social Security number, and date of birth. The items tabbed nicely from one item to the next and showed a picture of where the digital access code was located. Step two asked me to create security credentials. It included a new password, and then I had to answer several security questions that will be alternately asked when I log in to my account. The final step shows me my answered questions in a nonediting mode, asks me to review my security information, and informs me that an incorrect answer to a security question will lock me out of my account. Clicking “Add now” will take me to a Consumer Information page that asks me to check a box to confirm that I have read and agreed to the Account Disclosure, Electronic Disclosure and Consent Agreement, and Internet Banking Agreement. Clicking “Continue” brings me to a screen showing my account name and balance. The new interface is much easier to navigate because it has tabs along the top for all of the relevant transactions that I would want to do. The log off option is easily accessible.
Be sure to reference all sources using APA format.

Fashion System Project Final Project Format: Report  • The report should be betw

Fashion System Project
Final Project
Format: Report 
• The report should be between 14-15 pages with references and should include graphics and images to support your statements
Topic: The future of fashion
Part 1: Introduction
Give a current state of the industry
Part 2: Topics you should include in your essay
Analyze how a shift in consumer trends, technology and sustainability are reshaping the industry.
• How do you think these changes will affect the fashion industry long term?
Ecological, social, global, economic concerns related to fashion
Sustainability: new responsible technologies: sustainable materials, investment in less environmentally damaging technological innovations that are less harmful to the environment. Second-hand market and cyclical fashion, integration, fair treatment and fair wages for employees throughout the production chain, and the production chain
Fast fashion: what will happen to fast fashion, what changes should be made to adapt to change?
Recycled clothing
Digital landscape: how covid accelerated digitization and how it is changing the way we sell, what will happen to physical stores, what changes must be made to adapt to the change? marketing strategies are focused on digital platforms, what will happen what will happen with department stores, the rise of retail.
• Do you think that certain roles or institutions will become obsolete? If so which ones and why?
• Do you think any new roles will emerge? What type of new roles?
New emerging roles (more technological roles such as engineers, game developers, graphic designers, digital marketing designers, graphic designers, digital marketing specialists… and the roles that are going to diminish, such as the role of salespeople who will be replaced by artificial intelligence.
Fashion seasons: fashion seasons will decrease, fashion shows will decrease, collections will be more versatile and will focus on presenting more classic pieces that will last over time.
• Select 3 brands, retailers or designers that you believe will not weather the new industry. What changes should they make to adapt?
• Select 3 brands, retailers, or designers that you think have innovative forms of retailing and explain why you think they are suited for success
Part 3: Conclusion
Provide a brief conclusion and closing statements

The project charter is one of the more important project documents. It authorize

The project charter is one of the more important project documents. It authorizes the project, provides the purpose and justification for the project and provides the criteria to judge project success.
The specific parts of the St. Dismas Assisted Living Facility case study you will need to prepare the project charter are listed below.
Meredith, J.R., Mantel, Jr. S.J., Shafer, S.M., & Sutton, M.M. (2017). Project management in practice (6th ed.). Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Part 1: Friendly Assisted Living Facility – 1 (pp. 29-30)
Part 4: Friendly Assisted Living Facility Project Budget Development—4 (p. 139-141)
Part 5: Friendly Assisted Living Facility Program Plan—5 (pp. 179-181)
Friendly Assisted Living Facility Construction Project Plan (pp. 181)
Your project charter must include:
Project Description
Purpose and Justification for the project
Objectives of the project
High Level Project Requirements
Tangible Measures of Project Success
Project Assumptions and Constraints
Assumptions for the Project
Constraints for the Project
Project Milestone Timeline Chart
Construction Milestone Timeline (labeled)
Stakeholder Register
Project Approval Procedures
Refer to the Project Charter Template for specific instructions on how to develop the project charter.

Instructions Recently, a terminated employee used his mobile device to log in to

Recently, a terminated employee used his mobile device to log in to the company network and steal sensitive data. As the manager of the information technology (IT) security department, you were asked by your boss to present a summary of what the organization should do to prevent this from happening again. Create a PowerPoint presentation of your summary. In your PowerPoint presentation, you should include the components listed below.
Explain the goal of information security in relation to mobile devices.
Identify the three sources of threats, provide a summary of each, and provide at least one example of each.
Explain technical safeguards, and discuss which technical safeguard(s) should be used for mobile devices.
Explain data safeguards, and discuss which data safeguard(s) should be used in this type of scenario.
Explain human safeguards, and discuss which human safeguard(s) should be implemented.
Discuss why the organization needs an incident response plan to secure information and knowledge.
Your presentation must be a minimum of six slides in length, not counting the title and reference slides. Be sure that any graphics used are appropriate and support the content of your presentation. You must use at least two references in your presentation, and they should be cited and referenced in APA format. Please cite all sources used.