At the end of each chapter, there are critical thinking exercises.  Choose ONE q

At the end of each chapter, there are critical thinking exercises.  Choose ONE question from each chapter and submit your answer here.
Chapter 4:
1. John White was put in a terrible position when his colonists asked
him to leave them and return to England for aide. If you were John
White, what would you do?
2. The Secotan attacked White’s colony because of what had
happened with Lane’s earlier group. Was there any way for White
to have prevented the troubles? Was the Secotan’s anger justified?
3. Ralph Lane’s legacy at Roanoke was a failed attempt at a colony
and the lasting enmity of the Secotan towards the English. How
do you think Lane should have handled the problems with the
4. If you were Powhatan or a Pequot, how would you have reacted to
the arrival of the English?
5. If you were an English citizen in 1606 and had the opportunity to
be a part of founding Jamestown, would you have done it?
6. Why do you think the Narragansett and Mohegan tribes fought
with the Puritans against fellow Indians, the Pequot?
Chapter 5:
1. As you look back over England’s history from 1660 to 1688, why do
you think that Parliament was so opposed to a Catholic taking the
throne of England?
2. Why is it said that Charles II was “restored” to the throne when he
had never been in power before 1660?
3. If you were in charge of finding a site for a new colony, what would
you look for in terms of climate and geography? What features of
the landscape would you try to find and which would you try to
4. If you were in charge of recruiting colonists for a new colony, how
would you do it? What would you do to convince people to leave
all that they know and try to build a new life for themselves in a
possibly dangerous new land?